Although Anna, Georg, and Manuel didn’t come on top in Eurovision 2011, the trio that make up Anna Rossinelli is going stronger than ever. They recently announced their latest project: a three-month journey to America. The Swiss musicians will be collaborating with American country artists, recording a new album, and filming a 40-minute movie while on the other side of the Atlantic. And they’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get them there.

The group has described the project:

In 2015, Anna Rossinelli is going to embark on a journey for several months: we are going to travel through the USA to learn how our music can develop under the influence of foreign yet unknown musicians. The product of this trip will be a music album and a 40-minute music film. Both will document the influence that our music will experience throughout the journey…

…We are going on a journey to find American musicians. We want them to interpret our previously composed songs in their own way and to add their own flair. Beforehand we will organize some get-togethers with the participating artists but once we are en route we will take the chance to meet street musicians and convince them to participate in our project. Our focus is on the cultural exchange, the mutual curiosity and the desire to experience creativity in a new way and to make that experience conceivable for others…

…On our journey we are looking for the old blues guitarist in Nashville who is telling stories of bygone times, for the gospel choir in Austin that passionately sings about hopes and beliefs every Sunday, for the brass band form New Orleans still marching through the streets.

In order to raise funds for the trip, Anna Rossinelli has launched a crowdfunding campaign on, aiming to raise 50,000 Swiss francs (and they’re well over halfway there already). As part of this campaign, they are giving rewards to fans who contribute, including a handwritten postcard, a vinyl record of their album Marylou, singing lessons with Anna, and even a private concert.

The trio have also told wiwibloggs that after the album and movie are released in October, the band will begin a multimedia tour in which the movie will be heavily incorporated.

You can check out Anna Rossinelli’s campaign here.

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7 years ago

I hope they’re not disappointed. This sounds like it could turn into a travelog of American tourist traps if they aren’t careful.

7 years ago

Come to northern California!!!