The end of 2021 is fast approaching. And that means one thing — the return of Team Wiwi’s annual Top Tracks countdown.

As usual, the team from wiwibloggs have voted for their favourite new songs released in 2021 by Eurovision stars. After reviewing more than 1,000 songs over the course of the year, we finally settled on our top 50 – it wasn’t easy. And now we’re ready to share it with y’all. We’ll publish ten tracks daily through to New Year’s Eve as we wrap up the year.

Songs that were selected for Eurovision or competed in national finals were excluded (they’ve been analysed to death in our jury reviews). However, the other new songs VICTORIA released as potential Eurovision entries were made eligible for voting since it wasn’t a formal national final (and they were not included in our top national final songs countdown).

At least one singer of the song must have competed at Eurovision as part of the main act to be eligible. Acts who had been chosen for Eurovision 2020 but were not reselected for the 2021 contest were still included in the voting.

Which song will enter our Hall of Fame?

Let the countdown continue!

Team Wiwi’s top songs by Eurovision artists in 2021: 40 to 31

40. Michael Schulte – “Here Goes Nothing”

What we said: Michael Schulte is jumping head first into love. The German star’s new single, “Here Goes Nothing”, sees him laying out all his cards and taking a chance by asking out the person he’s fallen for: “Something’s in the air tonight / Little bit of paradise / I’m just gonna roll the dice like / Here goes nothing”. Musically, the Eurovision 2018 star keeps things relatively upbeat with a solid pop track. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “All I Need” (#34 in 2019), “Never Let You Down” (#9 in 2018), “The Love You Left Behind” (#18 in 2018)

39. Montaigne – “My Life Is Better With You”

What we said: The eagerly anticipated “My Life Is Better With You” is the theme song for The McElroy Family’s hit podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me. The theme song originally premiered in short form in March 2021. Since then, fans have begged the Australian superstar to release a full version of the happy-go-lucky pop-rock track. And now it’s finally here! The quirky “My Life Is Better With You” music video features some cross-continental splicing of home video clips. We see Montaigne and the McElroy brothers – Travis, Justin and Griffin – going about their day to day adventures. Montaigne goes wild in her living room, takes a trip to the beach and even shows off her skateboarding skills. (Oliver)

38. Little Big (feat. Netta) – “Moustache”

What we said: It would seem that Israel’s Netta and Russia’s Little Big have a lot more in common than an ability to slay the song contest. Apparently they’re all huge fans of the moustache. The song opens with Little Big frontman Ilya Prusikin suggesting he’s down with women who don’t conform to traditional standards of beauty. These rules span from head to toe. He sings: “I like women with a big-big bass, big blue eyes and hair on the face. I-I-I like women that are full of grace, big moustache, sun cream on the face.” Netta, who shares the post-verse with Little Big’s Sonya, suggests that her moustache brings plenty of guys and gals to her yard: “Too many, too many, too many, too many, too many, too many lovers.” (William)

Previous top tracks, Little Big: “Hypnodancer” (#13 in 2020)

Previous top tracks, Netta: “Cuckoo” (#4 in 2020), “Ricki Lake” (#31 in 2020), “Bassa Sababa” (#3 in 2019), “Nana Banana” (#10 in 2019)

37. Barbara Pravi – “Le jour se leve”

What we said: Barbara has kept the new music flowing and has released “Le jour se lève” — a hymn to love and the happiness that comes with creating a lasting connection. The title means “The Day Is Rising” or “The Day Begins”. Despite its melancholic air, the song depicts a positive and pleasant feeling: that of love. More precisely, it strives to convey that feeling of being full and fulfilled when you are with your beloved. Love, Barbara suggests, drives out the fears and doubts that commonly haunt us. Speaking to wiwibloggs, she made it clear she wants to convey a sense of resilience and hope after difficult experiences: “It is a love song, it is very tender, it is a little expression of when one is doing well and ‘boom’ — there is nothing else to say on that. I am not afraid anymore, I am good”. (Oranie)

36. Margaret Berger – “Gal”

What we said: Margaret Berger returns with the new single “Gal” (“Crazy”). Norway’s Eurovision 2013 star delivers a light and breezy pop tune. It fits this transition from spring to summer quite nicely – there’s an uplifting spirit but it also has enough drive so you’re able to dance along to it. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Apologize” (#23 in 2016), “Running With Scissors” (#44 in 2016), “Scream” (#5 in 2014), “Human Race” (#3 in 2013)

35. Oleksandr Ponomaryov, ALEKEEV, DZIDZIO & Artem Pyvovarov – “Чому?

What we said: One of the biggest hits in Ukraine of this spring has been the single “Чому?” (“Why?”), sung by a quartet of Ukrainian male singers, including Eurovision 2003 and 2018 contestants Oleksandr Ponomaryov and Alekseev. The single was originally released back in March and has been an audience favourite ever since. Oleksandr Ponomaryov’s decision to collaborate with artists that normally do not sing in Ukrainian or engage in a totally different genre was also widely applauded. (Renske)

Previous top tracks, ALEKSEEV: Целуй” (#45 in 2019), “Сберегу” (#42 in 2018)

34. Marco Mengoni – “Ma stasera”

What we said: Italy’s Marco Mengoni might love a good ballad at the best of times, “Ma stasera” (“But tonight”) he just wants to dance. The Eurovision 2013 star brings us a proper bop with his latest single. It has a hint of the retro 80s musical trend, but it’s still very much a great song in its own identity. In the lyrics, Marco addresses someone he messed up a relationship with and who he wishes he could spend the night with: “And even though I looked for you as a perfect illusion / I come towards you, this night I wish it were eternal / But tonight run fast, I hardly see you / And to reach you so as not to let you go”. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Muhammad Ali” (#17 in 2019), “Duemila volte” (#25 in 2019), “Voglio” (#8 in 2018), “Hola (I Say)” (#11 in 2018), “Onde” (#7 in 2017), “Ti ho voluto bene veramente” (#24 in 2015), “Io ti aspetto” (#30 in 2015), “Guerriero” (#41 in 2014), “Pronto a correre” (#10 in 2013), “Non Passerai” (#25 in 2013)

33. Ermal Meta – “Milano non esiste”

Milan may have lost out on the race to host Eurovision 2022, but the city at least has a new song written about it. That being said, Italy’s Ermal Meta declares “Milano non esiste” (“Milan does not exist”). The Eurovision 2018 alum sings about how his focus is solely on his partner and nothing else around them: “Milan does not exist / Tonight there’s only you / This is enough to make me breathe / For this evening there is nothing else special”. (Jonathan)

32. Barbara Pravi – “Je l’aime, je l’aime, je l’aime”

What we said: The professional rise of Barbara Pravi is picking up speed as she triumphs with the release of her debut album On n’enferme pas les oiseaux (We don’t lock up birds). All the songs on the album, including “Je l’aime, je l’aime, je l’aime” (“I love him, I love him, I love him”), are sung in French, Barbara’s native language, and like her Eurovision entry, all 11 songs are inspired by French variety and the tradition of French chanson. The guiding principle of the album seems to lean toward self-expression — a feeling of freedom despite the judgement of others. Barbara uses the album to finalise her own renaissance, which began with her Eurovision journey. Now an accomplished artist, she is no longer afraid to move forward and take risks. (Oranie)

Previous top tracks: “Le jour se leve” (#37 in 2021)

31. Lena – “Strip”

What we said: “If I don’t fit into your boxes you can cross me off your list”. Germany’s Lena is here to remind us that we’re perfect the way we are and we don’t have to conform to fit in with others. The Eurovision 2010 winner has released “Strip”. It’s a nice pop offering with an underlying beat that’s easy to clap along to. Lena sings about focusing on doing the things that make us happy: “Baby strip, all your makeup off / Get happy doing what you want / All we need is love, love, love”. (Jonathan)

Previous top tracks: “Better” (#6 in 2019), “Love” (#20 in 2019), “Don’t Lie To Me” (#23 in 2019), “Thank You” (#5 in 2018), “Lost In You” (#20 in 2017), “If I Wasn’t Your Daughter” (#24 in 2017), “Beat To My Melody” (#9 in 2016),  “Traffic Lights” (#1 in 2015), “Wild & Free” (#14 in 2015)

Our Top Tracks of 2021 ranking is determined by independent votes from a panel of wiwibloggers. They are Jonathan, Renske, Oliver, Robyn, Tom, William, Cinan, Mario, Padraig and Josh.

Which songs do you think should feature on our Top Tracks countdown? Are you surprised by our choices so far? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

#35. Surprised that u guys in love with such local ballads ^^

2 years ago

Glad to see Nikita (I mean Alekseev) here. He has not being as active as previous years during 2021, but his duet with Kazka was also beautiful. I really hope to see him here in next years!!!

2 years ago

So Marco Mengoni has been selected into the top 50 list almost every year since his Eurovision year? Is it safe to say that if we count the countries in the top 50 lists, Italy must be at least in top 3?

2 years ago

this is barbara pravi’s world and we’re just living in it