Eurovision Songs of the Year 2015

Incredibly, 2015 is almost up. And that means one thing — the return of our annual Top Tracks countdown! As usual, the team from wiwibloggs voted for their favourite 2015 releases and recordings by and featuring Eurovision stars. Songs which competed at Eurovision or national finals were excluded (they’ve been analysed to death in our jury reviews), as were artists who’ve yet to compete on the Eurovision stage (sorry Iveta, Sergey and friends). After considering well over 100 songs, we finally settled on our top 50. And now we’re ready to share it with y’all. We’re publishing five tracks daily over the course of ten days. Then on Christmas Eve we’ll announce our number one, giving you just enough time to send any last requests to Santa.

What song will join Loreen’s “We Got The Power” and Emmelie De Forest’s “Drunk Tonight” in our Hall of Fame? The countdown continues!

OUR TOP TRACKS OF 2015: (35-31)

35. Monika Linkyte “Aitvarai”

What we saidMargaret Berger and Loreen have been the darlings of a certain demographic within the Euro-fandom for quite a while. Their sophisticated, innovative, ethereal brand of electro-synth pop has rarely disappointed. But now they’ve a rival in the shape of Lithuania’s Monika Linkyte. Fresh on the heels of the sublime “Po Dagnum”, this marks a real progression in sound, and we’re rul excited. The understated beats allow the focus to switch to Monika’s on point vocals. The verses build to a truly soaring chorus. And we cannot lie – when we realised that “Aitvarai” means kites a little squeal escaped. (Padraig)

34. Loboda “Pora Domoy”

What we saidNo one does music videos like Svetlana Loboda. No one! For her latest, we see Ukraine’s 2009 singer star in scenes of hedonism, debauchery, and criminality. There are snakes in a bed, full-frontal male nudity, sharks, and public urination. A woman is terrorised in a bath. Another falls off a roof. You have to watch it, in order to appreciate the levels of bizarre. And if you think it looks a little familiar, Rihanna released her“Bitch Better Have My Money” over a month later. Make of that what you will. As for the song, it’s pop perfection as usual. Pulsating beats, powerhouse vocals and a killer chorus. (Padraig)

33. Leonor Andrade “Já Conheci”

What we saidNot qualifying for the Grand Final last May only seems to have driven Leonor forward. She’s hit the studio and serves us outstanding vocal technique mixed with some electronic deep bass. It’s an innovative style, which many Portuguese Eurofans will likely want to hear on the European stage in the coming years. Throw in a bleeding heart and lyrics that smack of disappointment and hurt, and Leonor just mesmerizes! Sorry to say it, but, baby, we love to see you in pain. (Diego)

32. Harel Skaat “Hollow”

What we saidThe track opens with a crescendo of strings and percussion, before Skaat commands “don’t stop”. He’s been dumped, and is beyond the point of caring. An ice queen has left him numb, but he’s never been better. His drive and determination to move on is infectious, giving an added impetus to what could have been a morose lament. But wait until you see the music video. Everything takes on a whole new meaning! Our bold Harel is engaging in some ménage à trois action with what appears to be a male underwear model and a manic pixie dream girl. Isn’t it well for some! (Padraig)

31. Mørland “No Firewall”

What we saidMore upbeat than “A Monster Like Me”, the song builds steadily before reaching an epic final chorus — all driven by Mørland’s haunting vocals. Modern, catchy and surprisingly moving, this song is all kinds of amazing. (Ramadan)

How’s the list shaping up? Do these rank among your best songs of 2015? Let us know below.

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AM Casablancas
AM Casablancas
7 years ago

like them all, nice try Wiwi.
Monika is still a bit too conceptual, though.

7 years ago

I love Pora Domoj. Svetlana is amazing singer and she is really charismatic. Her videos are always suprising and fun, AND this is her best song.

Antranig Shokayan
7 years ago

These five are all incredible, especially Leonor!