Junior Eurovision 2019 Roksana Wegiel Share The Joy

One week before the Junior Eurovision 2019 opening ceremony on Monday 18 November, song contest organisers have released details of the rehearsal schedule.

Check out the schedule for each day below. All times are in Polich local time (i.e. CET).

Junior Eurovision Rehearsal Schedule 2019

JESC 2019 First Rehearsals (Closed)

Tuesday 19 November to Wednesday 20 November

Unlike previous years, first rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2019 will be closed to the media. Organisers have yet to release a timetable for these initial run-throughs.

Traditionally, each delegation is given 40 minutes for their first rehearsal.

JESC 2019 Second Rehearsals (Open)

Thursday 21 November

Friday 22 November

JESC 2019 Show Schedules

Saturday 23 November

  • 10:00 — 12:30: First Dress Rehearsal
  • 16:00 — 18:30: Jury Show

Sunday 24 November

  • 16:00 — 18:30: Grand Final (Live TV Broadcast)

Want to stay up to date with Junior Eurovision 2019 in Glwice, Poland? Bookmark our ultimate guide to JESC 2019.

Which rehearsal are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments.

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8 months ago

The first rehearsal we are not going to see it?

8 months ago

Music quality wise, this year is on another level!
Top 3 in no particular order: Poland/France/Spain
Top 5 contenders: Armenia/Serbia/North Macedonia

8 months ago

To be honest up until a couple of years ago I knew very little about junior Eurovision but I am now very grateful that it’s on. It breaks up the 12 months between Eurovision very nicely and acts as a kind of appetiser for the main event. There are actually some very good songs this year…. Bring it on.

8 months ago

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! My three favorite weeks of the year is the one week before the JESC, and the two weeks before the ESC grand final. Everything changes when rehearsal week begins! Some front-runners take a knock… Some under-hyped entries emerge from the shadow… The anxiety and constant hitting of the refresh button, as you wait for each entries rehearsal to be uploaded online… The continuous internet search for articles/comments/reactions to know what other Eurofans think of each performance… Getting to know each performer more thoroughly through their interviews… Whilst at the same time trying… Read more »

Roelof Meesters
Roelof Meesters
8 months ago

I’m super excited!!!